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Creator of NaturalHairSalonFinder.comThis site is the direct result of the frustration of trying to find a salon that would service my kinky/curly hair. I wanted to have my hair washed and set for a special occasion.  I could not tell you how many salons I called asking if they service kinky/curly hair. Then asked if they do a wet set instead of blow dry and flat iron.

There are sites that list “Natural Hair Salons” but I still had to ask if they provide the service that I wanted. My biggest fear was going to a salon and frightening them with my fro! I actually found a great salon close to my home. It was not a salon that advertised themselves as a “Natural Hair Salon”. This salon did not cater to kinky hair. There was only one stylist in the salon that specialized in my hair and she was all I needed. Sometimes limiting your search to only “Natural Hair Salons” you may overlook a stylist in your area.

A salon specializing in natural hair does not mean they will provide the service you want. How do you know if they will braid your hair or if they have a loctician?

Natural Hair Salon allows you to search for exactly what you want done to your hair at a salon that is familiar with YOUR HAIR. You also have the ability to search by day and to select a spa service. was featured in

I sincerely hope that will make finding a natural hair salon a much less painful experience.




Karen Munroe-Clarke


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