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Natural Hair Service(s): Braids, Blow Out, Color, Locs, Twists, Wet Set, Cut, Kids, Workshops

Day(s) of the week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Good Hair Salon is the leading hair care salon in Seattle, Washington for curly, kinky and locked hair. We are proud to be the first salon to faithfully serve clientele interested in natural hair care.

Good Hair Salon’s Mission is to nurture and celebrate the community of individuals who choose to embrace their naturally kinky, curly and locked hair textures.

Our clients leave “Good Hair Salon” with increased knowledge and confidence. We believe your hair’s beauty is a reflection of your hair’s health. Therefore, we employ knowledgeable professionals that are amongst the best and most versatile artists in Seattle. We specialize in curly-kinky styling, twists, braids, locs, barber cuts, non-chemical straightening and much more.

We recognize the innate beauty in “your” hair. Our professionals focus on healthy styling and product options to help you make informed responsible choices.

We offer a warm, inviting and professional environment for a diverse clientele. The Good Hair Salon experience is one from which you will walk away feeling more beautiful, more knowledgeable and more loved.

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